My collegiate years were spent reading a lot of mythology, from all over the world. One group that I focused on more than others though, was the Greeks. I can’t really explain it but their stories stood out to me on an almost personal level.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to get all reminiscent about my education here. Like a hummingbird draining the last of a meth-laced feeder, I can feel myself getting ready to go all over the place.

Rein it in man, REIN IT IN.

Introduction, right…

Aeolus was an interesting character in Greek mythology. Primarily because he appears as three different characters in three different stories. Awkward. But that’s not important, not right now.

I’m focusing on the character as he appears in the Odyssey. In book ten of Homer’s epic, Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag of the winds, an item which would drastically shorten his voyage back to Ithaca.

Why would an ancient Greek be interested in the New York State Finger Lakes region? I couldn’t say. Maybe he was into their wine or something. Those ancient Greeks loved their wine.

Regardless, it was during my last reading of The Odyssey (Yes, I do like to reread my ancient epics.) that I found myself inspired by what amounted to a relatively insignificant supporting character. Aeolus, Master of Winds.

The pages that follow are the result.

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