Who Is This Guy?

Hello Internet. I hope you took your medication today.

My name’s Kyllan and I’m a writer doing what it takes to survive out here in rural New York state. That’s right, there is more to New York then a just a city! Don’t worry, I was surprised too when I first found out. Oh and while I’m on the topic of clarification, “surviving” is code word for day job. I gave up on organized crime years ago. (The pay is good but the benefits are rubbish.)

I have two kids, a murder of dogs and a spectacular soon to be spouse. And yes I know a murder is for crows but I think we passed being a simple pack a long time ago. I seek to entertain and spread smiles by way of the everyday goings-on of life in the middle of nowhere.

Have I published anything?


Am I going to?


Until that day comes I’m going to keep throwing my random thoughts and bits of short fiction out into the electronic wilds of the internet. And let’s be honest, I’m going to keep doing it even after the publishing happens.

And beware. There is a bit of sarcasm running around the place and occasionally a witch stops by. Don’t mind her though. She’s part of the family.



2 responses

30 09 2011
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hey, I’m unable to subscribe for the RSS feed. Can you help or do you know why? thanks for the info.

30 09 2011
Kyllan Brindle

My fault entirely I’m afraid. I had made a change to the widget and then never put it back. In this instance the problem could be found squarely between the keyboard and the chair. But all is well once more and you can find the Entriess RSS right above the subscribe button. Glad you took the time to check me out.

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