Picture It and Write: Tree Corpse Edition

31 05 2014


And queue excitement.

SO there is a  little book peddling website, Amazon dot com, you may have heard of it. And on this website there is a book. Well a grunch of books actually. Grunch being somewhere between a boatload and a metric ton.

Anyways, there is a book, the cover of which appears above. In this book are twenty-three talented folks that love to put pen to paper. Or fingers to keys. Pixels to screens maybe?

I’m one of them. I’ve been published in something – exciting times!

The book draws it’s content from short fiction written for the Picture it and Write prompts posted over at Ermiliablog. All profits benefit The Girl Effect, a charity focused on empowering adolescent girls in underprivileged countries to kick poverty in the teeth and make their mark on the world.

Available ala Tree Corpse here.

And naturally, through electronic technowizardry here.




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