Doing It With A Friend

10 03 2014

What do you enjoy doing with your friends?

Lately for me, it’s been writing.

I recently began a little writing project with one of my close friends. Wasn’t my idea sadly but I am thrilled to be participating in it nonetheless. It started off as an endeavor in cooperative storytelling. It still is mind you. I realize that phrasing makes it sound like it took a terrible turn for the worse but that is not the case.

The whole thing was very well planned out ahead of time. I think the conversation went something like:

Friend: “Hey man, you know what we should do?”

Me: “What?”

Friend: “We should totally write a story together.”

Me: “Done.”

And now you have the inside details.

Seriously though, we didn’t plan this thing at all. He fired an email off at me one day with a paragraph of what would start this monumental undertaking of literary, uh, genius. At any rate it didn’t take us long to run off with it and start to expand.

What started as an exchange of paragraphs has now grown into the exchange of larger chunks of fiction churned out amongst the cries of small children, the sometimes angry buzz of wives/girlfriends, and other such obstacles one runs into during such projects.

What I find most interesting about this whole thing is where it is going. In the beginning of this thing we decided to eschew any sort of plotting, world building, story boarding or any other sort of thing ending with ‘ing’. The idea was to build as we went and see what the other could come up with.

It’s been a sick game of back and forth challenges. I picture him at his computer sometimes screaming, “Ha, finish that thought Brindle!”


It’s been enlightening. We are moving along at a reasonable pace and honestly it has been a rewarding exercise so far. In a sense I feel like I’m receiving a bit of instant feedback in my storytelling. A literal example of ‘I think it would be neat if this happens next.’

What are we going to do with it? Don’t know. Publish it and make millions of dollars to share between us maybe!

And by maybe, I mean, naturally.

Now. Go here and read this. It’s a little something over at Ermiliablog that made me think of what I’m doing here. Oh and don’t worry, my friend and I aren’t so focused on tea.




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