Profound Thought Ahead!

2 11 2013

I’ve had a terrible realization. Just yesterday. Well, terrible might be a bit strong. Inaccurate? Unexpected? Painfully obvious? I’m going with all of the above.

Years ago I wondered why the parents I knew (other people’s not mine) always went on about how they were so busy with their kids and there was always so much to do. I would look at my son and wondered what the hell was wrong with everybody else. My kid was low maintenance. I didn’t feel any significant impact on what I was able to accomplish in a day because of the presence of my spawn.

Yesterday I figured it out.

I work in the inpatient building of the largest hospital in my area. It’s a 24/7 sort of a gig no matter where you work in the big house, with a few exceptions of course. Those smug cafeteria people go home every night for instance.

Anyways, lately my department has been looking to plug some holes in our schedule due to vacations and pregnant women finally getting over their short term disabilities. Naturally, being a giant sucker for punishment I’ve been happily gobbling up some extra shifts.

Are you ready for the eye opening kid bit?

I will be working overnight on Sunday, getting home Monday morning. I might be there in time to take Tango Sierra to school at eight. Sleep would be delayed so I could bring Terminally Cute to school at nine.

Then sleep will be had.

Until one when Terminal needs to get picked up. And then a little more will be had before Tango needs exfil at three.

That’s every single week day. When I was younger I never took things like school into account. Then there are doctor visits, various holiday shenanigans, and who knows what else. Now I’m thinking ahead to extracurricular activities. Sports! Debates! Petty Larceny!

The possibilities are endless. I suppose that most of that is going to be taken care of once the oldest learns to drive. But that’s a whole other can of arthropod invertebrate animals.

Regardless, to you parents that I never used to understand, I’m sorry. I get it now; overwhelmingly so.

To you I tip my hat. I just wanted you to know.




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