Scrawling a Bit of Fiction: Mid September Edition

21 09 2013

This appears to be a couple of naked human critters running through the woods. You know what’s significant about this photo? It’s how they are running: Picture it and Write style!tumblr_lrjnad2Ec71qb1699o1_500

Things have gone terribly wrong. I didn’t think anything of the signposts a couple of miles back. Everybody these days has those damn orange ‘posted’ signs all over everything. Like they own the woods. Really?

Skinny dipping in the high peaks is a tradition. We’ve been doing it every summer for the eight years since we graduated college. It was one of those ‘never growing up’ sort of things; an annual reminder that we could keep being kids.

It was eight or around there when we all crept onto the now ‘restricted’ land around the lake. Full moon out so it was easy to find our way to the gravel beach we always visited for our yearly ritual. Most of it was easy-going. Had to dodge a pair of headlights on a little access road that hadn’t been there the year before. No big deal.

We made it to the lake and stripped down, tossing our clothes anywhere on the fine stones. We swam for maybe an hour. After that Kim and one of the other girls, can’t think of which one, started saying they wanted to get out. They said, ‘something’ wasn’t right. I told them to chill. Who the hell drives four hours to swim one then go home anyways?

Then Nick got shot.

It came from nowhere, a quick flash and a loud bang somewhere down the beach. And just like that, my best friend was gone. Never did get a look at them.

We took off, swimming back to the beach full of fear and adrenaline. Someone else got hit. I heard it; the sick thud and splatter sounds somewhere behind me near the water. Jenn and me took off into the woods. Ran for hours. Obviously the wrong way.

They got me next. Not exactly a clean kill either. Half of me is numb, the other half is on fire. I want to scream but for some reason I can’t. I don’t think I can look around either. Just lie here, watching the last of us run through the woods.

I can’t tell who it is. Their faces are so blurry.




2 responses

28 09 2013

Wow. I wasn’t expecting the turn of the story. It started out so light. Great use of deception. The finishing lines were haunting. Thanks for contributing this week, Kyllan. šŸ™‚

– Ermisenda

29 09 2013
Kyllan Brindle

Couldn’t possibly keep it light!

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