Kristen Lamb, New Projects, and To-Do Lists

17 08 2013

I follow, and regularly read, a rather entertaining (and informative) blog by Author Kristen Lamb. I’ll say right off the bat that you can find her here. Not only does she provide the blogosphere with regular doses of writerly advice on  craft and conquering social media, she also writes. (A great habit for writers to have)

Need to figure this whole blogging thing out?

She’s your gal.

Social media got you down?

Go read her stuff.

Oh and by the way I’d buy her books based on cover art alone. HOLY WRITERLY CYBORGS BATMAN!

So what’s with the ramble about the lamb? One thing I’ve read on several occasions, you aren’t going to sell your first book. In all likelihood. Really the odds of that are not in your favor. It might be salvageable. It might someday become something sellable. But right out the gate? Ehh.

I’ve written a couple of novelesque length stories. Any of it get published? You know how I mentioned the ‘Ehh’ bit a second ago? There’s your answer.

So is there a point somewhere in the near future?

I wrote story. I’d like to share it. I’m rather fond of parts of it. And for some crazy reason I’m interested in throwing it, kicking and screaming into some sort of public forum where it may see comments. Comments that might drive revision. Revision that might lead to submission. And well, you probably get the rest of where that thought is going.

For now though, I’m just sharing a story and hoping that someone out there in the vast formless internet aether enjoys it. It’s probably not for everyone but I’m guessing it might be for someone. At any rate it’s getting its own set of pages apart from the regular blog stream. If you haven’t noticed already, there is a new addition to the navigation bar under the foxy banner at the top of the page.

It’s called Aeolus. It consists of a rambling introduction to a vague idea at the moment.

Which is like a metaphor for my life on a day-to-day basis.

Seriously. I need to start making to-do lists.




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