I waste it with my crossbow!

13 05 2013

ImageIf you are unfamiliar with the title of the post, I’m sorry. You are so unfulfilled. But don’t worry, I’m on it.

Just recently I discovered that one of my favorite comics is available on line for download as PDFs. ‘Knights of the Dinner Table.’ 

Available from Kenzer Co. the Knights have been a long running tale of several groups of gamers in and around Muncie, Indiana, who play a complex, archaic RPG called Hackmaster.

Their personal lives, their role playing sessions, and the hilarious crossovers entertained me for hours as a younger fellow. And now they are doing so as a slightly older fellow.

The title is a line often spoken by one of the Knights, Bob Herzog, the unemployed twenty-six year old living with his parents who approaches most problems with a shoot first, ask questions later, hack and slash demeanor. He’s the old school smash and grab PC, most gaming groups are familiar with, in passing at least.

Each of the characters featured in the strips reflect a common personality drawn to these sorts of games. A bit stereotypical perhaps, but for a reason. These kinds of people really do exist. 

Anyway, now my Kindle is a fuller, happier beast – flooded with the tales of some of the most heroic. Sort of heroic. silly people you’ll ever meet. Or read about. Whatever.

I can’t tell you just how happy I am to see these again. This is one of three comics I really ever read with any sort of long lasting passion and having the opportunity to revisit a storytelling medium I haven’t had touch with in a while, makes it all the sweeter.

Be you gamer or not, these might be worth a read. These are relatable people with relatable problems. Sort of. 

I relate anyway. Now shoo, go read something.




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