23 04 2013

I love ’em.

It sounds awkward, but I do.

Now while that might make me sound like a professional hentai artist or, at the very least, a huge fan of profoundly strange Japanese animation, I just really like tentacles.

There is something about the appearance that screams alien, unknown, archaic mysticism. I’m a big reader of the Lovecraftian and other forms of horror. While engaging in activity that scares oneself for entertainment seems counter intuitive, it’s really just another way of achieving catharsis, and learning more about one’s self.

In college I took a course from an incredibly short Canadian woman entitled “The rise of the Nazis”.

While your immediate reaction may be to connect the two things (Tentacles and Nazis) in a scary-history-channel-occult sort of way, that’s not quiet what I’m going for. Part of the course was an examination of German film in the 20’s and 30’s. A lot of horror and other expressionist films were being made in Germany at the time, a direct result of the upheaval the country had experienced both during and post WWI. (That’s World War One, not Waffle World International.)

The argument here is that horrible times leads to horror films.

One of the most famous:  Nosferatu

Courtesy of Wikipedia

But I think I’m on a tangent here. Actually, I KNOW I’m on a tangent and it seems to have run off with me farther than is usual.


I like tentacles.

I also like books.

What happens when you combine two things that I love deeply? You get lovely tentacle bookends from Knob Creek Metal Arts on Etsy!


Knob Creek also features a pile of other book ends. Steel with a hammered black finish.





3 responses

24 04 2013
Donald Lockwood

Can you imagine how long it would take Nosferatu to button up that shirt? Especially with those claws…

24 04 2013
Kyllan Brindle

I’m guessing they’re really just snaps. Or maybe he has someone to do it for him. OR perhaps it’s already buttoned and he pulls it over his head.

24 04 2013
Donald Lockwood

Oh the daily trials and tribulations of Nosferatu…it’s no wonder he’s evil. Life is hard for a demon.

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