Scrawling a Bit of Fiction VVXXO’

21 04 2013

High five if you can tell me what that number would be.

Ermilia! Fiction Prompt! Pictures! Writing! LOUD INCOMPREHENSIBLE NOISES!

Another entry into the Picture it and Write feature over at Ermiliablog. Picture isn’t mine, it’s simply used for inspiration. Let’s do it!

Girl with a Back Tattoo

Lucy had been getting tattooed at least once a year, every year, since her eighteenth birthday, commemorating important events in her life with ink.  At first it was for silly things; birthdays, the purchase of her first car. (A flaming birthday cake eating a smaller birthday cake and Optimus Prime, respectively.)

But as time went on the realizations set in, that these were permanent things, pictures that would inform strangers about her long before she could utter a single word to them. So she became wiser in their content. Or so she thought.

It only made sense that the day she said “I do.”, was cause for a new tattoo. A single word. His name vertically inked down her left cheek. A sign of her love, a statement of undying devotion. For the rest of their lives even strangers would know that Jamse was a part of her life.



Lucy felt her face become flush as she stared at it in the mirror.

The artist spelled her husband’s name wrong.

Wise indeed.




12 responses

21 04 2013

LOUD INCOMPREHENSIBLE NOISES! < I make some of those sometimes too. Just wait until you see one of the graphic's on tomorrow's post by Ermisenda. High pitched guinea pig laughter followed my learning about it.

Now on to your contribution…

Oh Em Gee. I don't understand how people get tattoos that are spelled incorrectly. When I got mine, they stenciled it on first so I could check the location and it was a butterfly. I've actually considered doing something like this, butterflies trailing down my shoulders and back, easily hidden, each one representing a milestone in my life. Never ever would I get something on my face.

As always, I adore your writing and your enthusiasm carries across over the internet. It is a pleasure to know you.


21 04 2013
Kyllan Brindle

Fortunately for you, pictures are very hard to misspell. I’m guessing your butterfly wasn’t in any danger there. 🙂

And I certainly do appreciate the kind words, Eliabeth. Oh and, can’t wait to see whatever made you laugh like a rodent. That partner of yours comes up with some really fantastic graphic work.

21 04 2013

Oh and regarding the number, I need a hint as it is not Roman numerals.

21 04 2013
Kyllan Brindle

Mixed bag of a most ancient sort.

21 04 2013

Oh! It can be hard to go back when they get it wrong. Good write!

21 04 2013

LOL and on the face too! hilarious ^^

22 04 2013

This was different, but I absolutely loved it!!

22 04 2013
Kyllan Brindle

Nothing wrong with different! Glad you liked it.

22 04 2013

Not at all, exactly the opposite 🙂

23 04 2013
A Mushy Rat

Haaha, love this post!

23 04 2013
Kyllan Brindle

Long as it doesn’t ever happen to me! Think I’ll try and stay away from names. 🙂

2 05 2013
Anne Schilde

Haha, satisfaction guaranteed or double your pinpricks back!

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