15 04 2013

And I’m not talking about people. Sort of.

I was browsing the internet today in search of a list of the largest spiders in the world. I was shooting for top ten. Naturally I did what most people do when they need to know something.

I asked google.

One of the things google told me to do was ask his weird cousin Wikipedia about it because didn’t you know he’s the smart one in the family or at least, he likes to think he is. Wikipedia is an interesting little critter. It has a little something to say about everything and in some cases a lot to say about certain things.

And sometimes those things are even true. The problem with it of course, for those of you who come from under a rock somewhere, is that it’s publicly monitored and edited. Anyone can do it, including you, your mom, and any inmate with internet privileges. Regardless I think the premise is a valuable one. A common suppository of knowledge culminated from the unique life experiences of billions. The problem of course, as previously stated, is that it is a common suppository of knowledge culminated from billions of people.

Weird people.

Silly people.

Even people with chicken pox.

I look at Wikipedia as sort of skynet beta test. It’s gathering information in an attempt to become self-aware but its having difficulty reaching that point while dedicating so many resources to sifting through the bullshit. The idea that kids use the site as a legitimate source of reliable information is staggering and the boldness of some to plagiarise information directly from it is just ridiculous.

It even spawned a humorous book for crying out loud! And yes I did buy it. And yes I do hope someone used any of those entries for term papers.

Because…tee hee.

It’s meant to be the worlds greatest 100% free encyclopedia. It’s a bold idea. It’s everything the internet stands for; the free proliferation of information.

It just needs less weirdo, man.

Less weirdo.




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15 04 2013

When the Bloggess bought a giant metal chicken, named it Beyonce, and gave it to her husband as a 15th anniversary present, her loyal followers updated the anniversary list to reflect the 15th anniversary being the one of Giant Metal Chickens. It was quickly updated by those who monitor such things, but it was totally awesome for about 5 minutes. There are screen shots.

21 04 2013
Kyllan Brindle

Who is to say we can’t have a Giant Metal Chicken anniversary anyways? I for one didn’t vote for the current gift-giving system and as a married man I feel like someone should consider my input too.

Maybe I’ll start my own!

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