Cooking With Spam V: The Spam Strikes Back

7 04 2013

That title reminds me of something out of one of my cookbooks. Yes, one of the times the Vixen and I commemorated my having survived another year she gave me a Star Wars cookbook. (Clearly it was meant to be.) It’s a delightful little book. It isn’t terribly long but that’s okay, everything in it is a winner near as I can tell. I have yet to try all the recipes, you see. Anyways, under the drinks section is a delicious sounding concoction: Hoth Chocolate.

How much better would the battle on Hoth have been if all the rebels were interrupted drinking hot chocolate from thermoses and such?

“Holy frozen wompa berries, Kal! That AT-AT  scared the pants off me, shooting blasters at us like that. Dropped my Hoth Chocolate I was so scared!”

But enough about out of this world chocolate drinks, we’re here to cook up some mystery meat so oil up your wok and get the stove lit.

As always the spam is presented unedited in its most purest, unadulterated glory.

Mix4dl09 writes:


Oh god.


Honestly, where do I begin? I’m not even sure if this is really spam.


Is there supposed to be punctuation in any of this?


Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do. First of all, thanks for stopping by – its nice to see we have an international reader here at the press but I have no idea what you’re saying. I’m just going to put the keyboard down and walk away.


Well that’s just rude.


I never! Same to you buddy!


Edududdly writes:

This information requires shine up to explication and is intended primarily in favour of use by vigour regard workers.

I’m thinking of shining up some expletives right now actually.

Also facilities/organizations providing health attention including pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, community-based things of the such.

Like some sort of counseling services? For say, I don’t know; grammar. Or things of the such which is just hard to write WHO DOES THIS?!

Salubriousness attention ritual providers and pre-hospital danger services are key.

I’d ask what they are the key to but I barely understand what that sentence is doing. Though high-five on using ‘salubriousness’ in a sort-of-sentence. Though I guess when you talk like you write it’s probably easy to squeeze in seldom used words. Living life one stream of consciousness to another!

Wykwayryway writes:

Youre so cool!

Hang on. You can just stop right there.

So good to search out anyone with some authentic ideas on this subject.

Damn it, you had to ruin it didn’t you?

It really makes the pile of sense.

You know you’re commenting on a story that features the devil going on about cake and such?

realy thanks for starting this up useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

I don’t know if I write the best snarky devil short stories out there but thanks, I try damn hard. Oh and I stopped reading after ‘up’. The rest makes me feel like you’re just trying to make fun of me. Or you had a stroke. Or you’re not a real person. Either way, don’t want to think about it.

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Are these the shoes worn by THE China Jordan, the People’s Republic’s greatest little known basketball star who lead the Chinese Basketball Association in steals and redistributions last year! God, send me two pairs!

Stick a fork in it. It’s done.




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