Romanian Writers, Digital Magazines, and Showing Some Love

5 03 2013

Lately I’ve been seeing the name ‘Cristian Mihai‘ popping up on a couple of my posts. The last two bits of short fiction actually.

Can I tell you how exciting that is?

This fellow is really something. If you haven’t clicked that link yet, let me give you some insight.

Mr. Mihai is a young man, old enough to drink in New York but not rent a car. That’s a little strange eh? Anyways, he’s a writer in the professional sense. He’s published several books and short stories on his own and has found success with them. He has recently founded an electronic magazine: irevuo. His blog sports a hefty group of followers and, perhaps most interesting, he lives in Romania.

And why is that so neat?


I’m in New York, an ocean and many miles away.

The fact that an author who enjoys far more success than I, who inhabits another continent, can stumble upon some of short bits of writing is incredible.

We live in an age where information travels faster and more accessibly than a flu pandemic.

Oh and apparently, if hitting a like button is any sort of an indicator of actually liking something, he enjoyed some of my work. That makes me smile.

At any rate, there’s a couple links up there. Check out his blog. Buy a book or two or three. Check out his magazine, maybe pledge a few dollars to getting the next issue of the ground.

Mr. Mihai supports indie artist. Show him some love back. Guy deserves it.




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