He’s in the Details

4 03 2013


“What are you doing with your life?” the angel brushed a molting feather away from the edge of his cup as he sipped at the coffee. He swished it around for a moment before spitting it back in. “This is atrocious.”

“It’s good.”

“Vile is what it is. Developing your own line of plague ridden coffee beans or something?”

“It’s Folgers.”

The angel scoffed and walked to the window, his massive wings knocking over a wooden giraffe statue as he rose from the couch. From his fifteenth story vantage point he watched the cars creep by the apartment complex, tangled in the thick web of rush hour.

“Tell me Lucif-“


“Right. Tell me Lewis how can you stand it here. Living like this?”

“Well it’s not the cleanest place in the world but I’ve been making due.”

Lewis leaned against the wall beside the window, a plate of small black cakes in one hand, coffee in the other. He smiled at the half naked angel and poked the dish at his chest. The holy harbinger was huge compared to Lewis’ wiry frame, who could easily blend as a member of the geek squad from Best Buy.

“Really? Devil’s food cake?” asked the angel.

“Yeah. Why not? It tastes like shit but it makes me giggle.”

The angel regarded the assortment of chocolate slabs.

“You know the boss isn’t going to give you that meeting. Thirty requests over the past six months, unanswered, should have sent you that message already. He can’t be seen with you like that. It would be bad for business.”

“I know. This is why I’m going to give him more time. To reconsider.” Lewis set the plate of cake on the coffee table, replaced the giraffe to its rightful place and sat on the couch.

“Because you haven’t had enough of that yet.”

“Don’t you worry about it messenger boy. Oh, there is one new bit of business I need to tell you about. I’m moving. I thought New York would be the place for me. Vibrant night life, a lot of freaks and some damn good Chinese. But the noise is getting to me. You can only read millions of minds for so long before you start going a little crazy.”

Start going crazy?”

“Yeah. Start.”

“Or little for that matter.”

“Well.” Lewis adjusted his tie. “I’m moving upstate where it’s quiet. I’m going to buy a kayak, learn about baseball and get a dog. I’ve always wanted a dog. I think that shall be the highlight of the experience. And who knows. I might just stay there.”  

“Sounds like a tabloid headline waiting to happen.”

Lewis slurped the coffee down in large gulps.

“Yes, you’ll blend right in. I hear everyone upstate drinks scalding coffee like it were a can of soda.”

Lewis snatched a piece of cake and took a bite.

“You think maybe Florida instead? After all, no one beats the heat like me.”




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