It’s a Slippery, Or Was It a Goofy Slope?

3 02 2013

I’ve been thinking about art a lot lately. Kind of comes and goes. I suffer from sporadic fits of profound thought. It’s a nice break from the typical stuff that floats about inside my thinker box. Which is usually somewhere between trying to remember if my wife wanted me to do something before I went into work and devising new and exciting ways to cook a fish.

I’m really interested in spit-cooking at the moment.

Anyways. A friend of mine recently started his new job as a professor in the art department at a local state university. He was kind enough to let me browse his syllabus and first day power point slides a few days prior to the start of classes.

He has the dubious luxury of introducing college students to sculpture.

Now, when he and I get together conversation frequently turns to the abstract. We like to talk ideas. One of the last was about sculpture. What it is defined as and where it sits in the hierarchy of forms.

Apparently video is included in the sculpture category. Which doesn’t make much sense to me. I think of sculpture as something that physically occupies space be it real or virtual. And I can see where you might argue video as a virtual space but before anyone goes too far down that road I’m accepting video as a reproduction of real space, not a unique virtual enviroment.

Creating a physical sculpture say, from stone, and then shooting video of it does not, in my opinion, recreate it into something new.

But that’s just me. Perhaps my interpretation of the why is askew. I don’t know. At any rate. What got me onto this whole thing? My sister actually. The crazy witch over at stuffalsothings. 

A little while ago she posted something over at the blog that I had gotten the impression was something dog related. The blog summary on the front page mentioned “Ele monster”. My intimate knowledge of her dogs lead me to believe I was going to see some bizarre and or adorable.

Alas it was not to be.

It seems that the video or picture that was there was removed. So in its place there is a notification of such. I don’t think this was intentional. But I think it ended up being something special all on its own. And its all in the title.


Wordless. And yet there are many words in this photo’s place. Not only that but they are in several languages.

How many different words we as a species use to say the same thing.

Hundreds of words to say nothing at all.

Think about it. Could this be put out there as some kind of digital art? Something like that? I think it could. Who makes those calls anyways?


I’m off to google pictures of hedgehogs.





One response

4 02 2013

Hahahaha! Argh, the internets ate Ele!

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