Go. And Do it Boldly.

21 01 2013


Do I have your attention then?

So I decided to take a break from browsing my spam folder which contains some real gems at the moment. One of them was three paragraphs long and focused on harassing me about search engine optimization and how I could make nearly three thousand dollars a day from home by watching their “webinar”.

Now,  you may or may not know, depending on if you’ve been here before or not, I like sci-fi. I like it a lot. Science fiction has played a large role in my desire to start writing and it has given me years of entertainment. It excites me. It makes me think. It keeps me coming back time and time again.

So every once in a while when I stumble upon something that really grabs my attention, I must share it. And recently NASA did just that.

The Story Available here.

NASA is working on a warp drive. WARP DRIVE.

Falls out of chair. Convulses.




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