Scrawling a Bit of Fiction V

13 10 2012

Well for Picture it and Write this week I ended up with another sort of lengthy bit. As usual, a picture is provided for inspirational material and the rest is up to the creative juices of the individual. I’d like to point out before we dive into it that this week looked delicious!

“Where am I?” Adam grunted as he opened his eyes to a blurry diner scene. He felt like he had the worst hangover of his life but he hadn’t been drinking. He was sure of it. In fact, he was just at work at the hospital. In an operating room no less.

“Oh, it’s an old place I like to come to. It’s right on the corner of fifth and broad.”

That was Cristian the surgeon he had been assisting. Even before his eyes had resolved themselves he could tell. His accent was mostly faded but anyone who had spent more than a day with him could hear it. Sometimes it still cropped up fresh.

“What are we doing here?”

“Oh. You don’t remember zhe operation zen? The power outage?”  There it was. The surgeon sounded like a bad vampire movie sometimes.

A waitress stopped at their table toting a massive pot of coffee. Cristian waved her off and leaned across the table. There was something off about the old surgeon. Adam couldn’t make up his mind about it, though it was on the tip of his tongue.

“That man wasn’t going to need all that blood anyways. It was gushing out; it was going to be suctioned one way or anozzer.”

Adam’s memory was about as good as his eye sight. The procedure was full of holes in his head. He remembered giving the anesthesia. He remembered the lights going out and then something about a dog.

“We didn’t technically break any laws, as far as I know. Risk management says that we’re good as long as we keep to HIPPA and don’t discuss the details which, come on, could you see that happening?”

Adams eyes started to water. The tears stained his hands purple as he wiped them away. He could see Cristian fully now who twisted his face and straightened a bit before continuing.

“Sorry about that, Adam. Really, it was for your own good. And Nadia zez you are a great guy and she’d love to see a movie with you sometime if you’re up to it. She wouldn’t have dusted you if it was really going to cause any permanent damage. You were just a little hysterical.”

Nadia? That English nurse. He had latched onto her the first procedure she was present for. Powerfully alluring and quite a flirt though she denied countless advances. He had just given up hope.

A powerful aroma was finally making itself known through the haze in his brain. Adam realized for the first time that there was food on the table, beef and carrots and potatoes; one of his favorite meals. He looked back at Cristina who smiled and nodded.

“I remember you mentioning it once. I thought maybe it would make you more comfortable. Good food, public place, you know, things to settle you.”

“What?” Adam coughed. More purple liquid.

“This has been just one big misunderstanding.”

And then it hit him, the procedure leapt into his mind in nauseating waves of recollection. Adam’s voice trembled as he spoke.

“Rico was drinking that man’s blood. With a straw? And you were a monster, an animal.” He knocked his fork off the table. It clattered heavily on the ground attracting the attention of the waitress wielding the megalithic coffee pot.

“Come on I brought you here so you wouldn’t make a scene.”

“You three were eating that man, even Nadia. I can’t believe I was hitting on a cannibal.” Adam planted his fist in the table.

“She’s not a bloody cannibal. And don’t be foolish. No one was eating anybody. The guy on zat table went right up to the surgical floor as soon as we were done and he woke up. The power went out, what did you expect us to do? Let him expire in the OR because the power was out? We had cut an artery – he needed the suction or we wouldn’t be able to see what we were doing.” Cristian was leaning over the table again.

“What? A hospital employs a surgical team full of monsters and you’re saying the bunch of you is ‘helping’ people?”

“Yes!” Cristian’s face lit up with relief.

“You must be joking.” Relief turned back to frustration.

“We had no power and emergency lights didn’t kick on. As a werewolf I can see in the dark so I changed. I needed the suction to see what I was doing.  The miserable machine isn’t going to be sucking anything up without power so yes. Yes. I gave the vampire in the room some tubing so he could suck it out. Didn’t go to waste. It was just going to be disposed of anyway. Didn’t harm anybody. Saved that guys life. He should consider himself lucky there was some undead on staff during his procedure”

Adam could hardly believe his ears. “I’m going to report you.” He said as he slowly rose from the table. His vision might have recovered but his muscles were sore and stiff. “Expose the lot of you, that woman– whatever she is too.”

“Succubus.” Said Cristian.

“A demon? In a hospital?”

“What? We’re equal opportunity.”

“That doesn’t cover supernatural killers.” Adam stumbled and sat again. Defiantly continuing the conversation as he was obviously too weak to leave.

“We wouldn’t even be in this mess if H.R. did its job. Lazy clerks.”

“What could H.R. possibly have to do with this?

“Vell? Human Resources. Ever consider that’s a ridiculous name for a department in a hospital or anywhere else for zat matter?”

Adam opened his mouth to object but actually, that sort of made sense.

“They’re around to make sure you squishy, feebleminded human folk don’t get in the way of the rest of us. Why you were even azzigned to my patient is beyond me. Zomeone must have you confused for something a little more spectacular than just a man.”

Suddenly he felt offended.

“I’m not just a man.”

“Vell, you’re not anything that H.R. is supposed to allow on a surgical team staffed by super naturals. I like you Adam, I do. But there is just no room for you in a group that is required to sometimes perform extraordinary arcane medical procedures. I’m calling H.R. tomorrow and getting this whole thing straightened out.”

The feeling was back in his legs now. They no longer burned but his drive to flee had evaporated. The surgeon had hit Adam’s biggest nerve. Pride had anchored him to the table.

“The hell you are.” Adam spat.

“Excuse me?” for the first time Cristian was lost.

“If you think for one second that I can’t do that job just as good as any uh…fairy, then you have another thing coming.”

“Come to zink of it I don’t recall any fairies on the anesthesia team.”

“Not the point.” Shot Adam. “You’re not going to call anyone about this tomorrow. I’m staying on this team. I’m staying whether you like it or not.”

The old surgeon leaned back, looking Adam up and down.

“Okay human. We’ll see what you got. We have anozzer procedure at 9 AM. It’s going to be…weird.”

“I’m in.”

And so they sat for a while not saying anything else about what had happened, like this was business as usual now. Adam went about skewering the various bits of food on his plate, thankful that it was there. Whatever that succubus had hit him with had given him a terrible appetite. Cristian  sipped his coffee and watched the intersection outside the restaurants large, picture window. He wasn’t sure why he kept coming back here.

The coffee was terrible.





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