Hey, You Got Some of Your Ectoplasm in My Cubicle!

29 09 2012

I have to do it. I just can’t let this go.

Some people will tell you that its bad form to complain on the internet about things you might not want others to here. That makes sense of course. The net is a massive public forum that offers anybody with the ability to turn on a computer the ability to vomit words forth into the nether. Well, maybe that was a bit generous. I’ve met people who can turn on computers that were unable to really move on from there.

I think one guy died of thirst. Not important.

I can’t help myself though. This has to be said, I can’t help it. I have to complain.

About my job.

It’s the kind of job that makes you want to claw your eyes out and wish you had made that pact with the devil that one time in Fresno for all the money and power needed to dominate not only the earth but rise to cosmic godhood. a great job and I’m glad to have it. I sometimes smile on my way in just knowing I am employed.

Okay, so you’re happy with the job, its great, yadda yadda, what’s your point,Brindle?


There. I said it.

As I have mentioned in the past I work in a hospital. And this thing just keeps growing. You want to talk job security, get a job in healthcare – there’s always business. So, construction. Any given day of any given week the odds are high that you’ll see a mob of orange-vested, hard-hatted, wolf-whistling guys jack hammering, sawing, welding, and even regular hammering things. And stuff and, well…that parts complicated and for your sake I feel I should just leave the specifics out.

There are a couple of things you should know though:

  • I work in an area which, in the front end features a large waiting area
  • Part of the waiting area is now obscured by temporary walls
  • I write because it’s a way of draining the crazy out of my brain before it builds up to critical mass and I have a hallucinatory breakdown

All pertinent.

So what was the solution to solving this issue? Installing a camera! Now there is a second monitor on the front end desk to which the camera feeds. It was nifty. At first.

Still not seeing a problem?

It’s the camera. Now occasionally this thing cuts out for a moment before returning to my view the same rows of chairs as before which is totally normal. But here’s the thing. It’s a static camera. No movement at all. It’s a stock black bubble camera that you find littering the ceiling of your local Walmart. (I don’t care where you live; there is probably a Walmart close enough to be considered local.)

It sometimes has fits where it tries to refocus. I would look at that funny to begin with but hey, I work the night shift, there is no one anywhere near the things field of view and it tries to randomly focus. ON WHAT?

I watch way too much Zak Bagans to let this go.

So now I’m not only worried about the usual doctor/patient stuff but now I’m concerned I’m going to have to face the irate face of the guy down the hall in the morgue. I’m going to look over at the screen in time to see an impossibly long, thin finger ease its way down the camera. I might even shout when a pale, partially decomposed face pops onto the feed after it cuts out.

Need to keep watching the monitor so it doesn’t catch me off guard. Have to be ready.

Need to watch the moni-




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