Scrawling a Bit of Fiction II

2 07 2012

And it’s time again for Picture it and Write, a weekly feature brought to you by the ladies of ermiliablog. It’s a call for short fiction. And while I do not contribute weekly (though I’d like to make it more habitual) I enjoy it to no end and am of course, striving to make it so.

So how’s it work again?

They present you with a picture of course. Nothing too terribly strange, no NSFW thus far but you never know, one of them may have an odd lapse in judgement or get hijacked by rogue twitter spam bots.


Tiny little men giving souls to big ideas. Mankind made the best monsters for sure. But like the rest of their creations, even these were temporary like mist in the morning. Death thumbed the keys, each one unlocking a resounding end. But which would come first?

Memory? He was a bloated beast slipping precariously amongst the grey matter of mortal minds. But surely he would see it coming? Memory drifted so disjointedly through time, he might remember the time when Death visited him. Even if it were before the fact.

Life? Life? How could his key have found its way into her hands? The love of her existence. No, it would not be his presence that would be plucked from the coil today. Duty or not, there were far too few joys in Death’s life to throw even one away. Especially that one.

The keys to the ideals had come at last. Like all things they would one day be harvested by the woman with the scythe. But unlike the keys of man, these would have to wait. There was greater purpose here. Their time would come but it would be up to man to tell her when.




3 responses

2 07 2012
Anne Schilde

Don’t think I’ve seen Death portrayed as a woman before. I really like the opening phrase.

3 07 2012

I agree with Anne, I loved that Death was portrayed as a woman. But more so the description of memory. This was fantastic – ‘He was a bloated beast slipping precariously amongst the grey matter of mortal minds.’ Thanks for contributing this week, Kyllan. And this message has come from Ermisenda on behalf of Ermilia and not a hijacker rogue twitter spam bot. 😀

– Ermisenda

3 07 2012
Kyllan Brindle

Glad you liked it. And I appreciate the robot reassurance! There’s has been some really great pictures the last few weeks. Can’t wait for the next!

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