17 06 2012

One word. Small, to-the-point. But much like many other four letters words it holds a lot of weight. I have one of these, and it isn’t me as much as I might like to be my own.

Her name is Bertha.

At times she is calm, like a quaint reflecting pool built into the front courtyard of a mountain-side temple. And sometimes she rages around the office here tearing the ties from unsuspecting clerks while barking archaic profanities the likes of which might cause a nun to melt. In the bad sort of skin from bone way.

Her anger is a thing of legend. I heard once that she killed a man from a hundred paces with just a word and a glare. He had demanded time from her deadline stretched, managerial fingers. She turned to him and said, “You.”

That was the first face-melting ever reported.

But when she is feeling friendly there isn’t a more pleasant person in the world as long as you can look past the possibility that you too might one day find yourself lacking an epidermis. But as long as you do as you’re told and generally avoid being combative you shouldn’t have your skin sucked off like a thin candy coating on a human shaped treat.

In all honesty I like this lady. Hands down, of any boss I’ve had this is the best. Or is it least drunk? Actually I think it might be both. Either way, that is something that I can’t appreciate enough.

I recently received a modest elevation of status here. Nothing major mind you but enough to make me smile and quietly high-five myself. Which is totally normal. It’s just, I don’t think people really high-five around here.

I don’t see it anyways.

So this, you could say, is not so much a “Meet-” sort of post and more of a nod of appreciation, a thank you blasted off into the swirling, chaotic ether of the internet.

Keep being awesome, Boss Lady.




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