What I Learned from T-Rex

14 06 2012

Let me spit a quick thought at you folks.

There is a difference between practicing a moral code and allowing yourself to be confined by it.

A big difference.

It doesn’t matter what code we’re talking about be it religious or otherwise. And it doesn’t matter what flavor of worship it is either. Morality is not something that is overly subjective. On the surface it seems like something personal but really it’s hugely shape by external forces.

We all tend to think of murder as a bad thing for instance. However, if someone were to grow up in the middle of the woods with no outside contact with other human beings, might that be different?

I was talking recently to my good pal Cooper Paulson
Our discussion focused on another artist he worked with in his college days who ran into a moral problem with his art. He’s a religious fellow and his early work reflected solely that. It lacked flavor. personal flavor that is.

Guess what happened when he loosened up?

He created some impressive stuff.

Suddenly the work he did stood out a great deal. Made a Far more unique mold. T-Rex taught me a lot about the society in which I live.

Point is, his work went from good to fantastic, something that was truly his own.




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