It’s All in the Words Baby.

20 05 2012

Do you ever cringe at the phone? Hesitate before opening your inbox? Or even your real mailbox? What about that apprehensive feeling you got in your stomach before giving speeches in college?

You know, the times where it felt like you swallowed a rock and all you could think about was how everyone is probably imagining you falling off the stage and breaking your neck? What do you mean no? That can’t have been just me. Right? Shut up.

I’m talking about communication man.

The way we interact today is miles and miles and miles away from where we were thirty, fifty, a hundred years ago. As time goes on, we seize greater control over the way we communicate to one another. No longer are we confined to snail mail as the sole means of long distance discourse. Hell, just look at what we call it these days. Snail mail.

Now there’s telephones, emailing, texting, and don’t forget the massive, multi platformed beast that is social media. Facebook, twitter, Google +, linkedin, and so on and so forth. Even the mighty blog.

No one sends lengthy summaries of what they’ve been up to the past month. With the advancement of mobile technologies, we’re firing off up-to-the-second updates on what we are doing right here, right now.

“Just bought a coffee at [insert favorite chain store here]. Why the heck is the Venti-quad-half-calf-low-fat-low-carb-soy-wheatgrass-mocha-frappu-whatzit so expensive?”  

Stuff like that.

Of course, all that was far too proper to be a convincing example. Most text messages today use a set of grammar rules partially developed by Vikings scholars translating Gaelic copies of contemporary english grammar into Swahili.

4 Srs bro? I dnt 7hink 5h3 wuz guna eva leev.

That took an amazing amount of concentration. I just wanted you to know that.

What happens to a culture when it reaches that point? The line where something so vital as basic verbal communication is dissected and stripped down to more barbaric tones? The backward evolution of any beings most prized possession. The ability to express and share ideas.

I’m about to drop some linguistic knowledge up in here.


Actually its a link.

I probably should have phrased that differently.

I’m about to show you the way! Maybe, Hark! a link of great knowledge cometh! Danger, danger Will Robinson that alien is wielding grammar!

Listen, just click the damn link okay?

Don’t short change yourself is the message here. Your words are a beautiful thing that took countless spans of time to develop. Respect it.




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