Machete Round One

23 04 2012

Alright. I’m going to go a little crazy here. And here, and over there and if you’re really unlucky, possibly even in your kitchen.

I’ve been doing a good deal of research lately into editing. Specifically, I’m shopping for an editor. Now, I’ve received a few suggestions from the crazy ladies over at ermiliablog already but it doesn’t hurt to look for a few more.

I finally wrote an ending I thought fit my current W.I.P. It took many long nights of sobbing drunkenly over my keyboard, confessing that it was crap and would never get done some time but the Vixen told me that I was being a little girl and needed to grow the hell up and finish it already I would not settle for something I thought was utter nonsense.


So, as it stands, unedited it is in the ballpark of 76k. I’m not listing the exact word count because word and a publisher typically disagrees with that sort of thing. Which I just don’t have the energy to even google that right now for accuracy is a fact.

So how does this have anything to do with spellcheck? I’m glad you asked.

Have you ever downloaded anything from Amazon that was self-published? Well, it can be a little dicey. I am in no way demeaning anyone who self-publishes nor am I proclaiming the work to be poor. I’m only commenting that some of the stuff you find on Amazon, particularly in that portion of books, really could use some editing love.

I’m not here to announce that a feature of MS word is the ‘Omnissiah‘ incarnate. And yes I did just reference a wiki for a game. Deal with it. And I’m not telling you that the spellcheck is the only editing you should do. But for the love of Cthulu, it’s a bloody start.

I’ve run into plenty of works that could benefit immensely just from a run through for misspelled words. Which is why I’m using it on my manuscript as my first step, of many, toward polishing it for presentation.

There are hundreds of resources available for your writing needs. If you’re writing something, use a few. Use a bunch. And if you are doing this to make money, it behooves you to make it the best you bloody can.

End rant.




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