Ted Talk 2023

18 04 2012

I love advertising.

Well, certain sorts. There is a, let’s call it, genre of advertising that I absolutely cannot get enough of. Some people might think that’s a bit silly. I’m confessing my enjoyment for a corporate entity’s attempt to sell me something I might not even need. To that I say, yes. Yes I am. On the one hand I like to buy stuff. Just saying. Who doesn’t? But here’s the thing. Viral marketing is simply the greatest thing to happen to the world of advertisements. I say this because it takes the attempt to sell me stuff and transforms it into an exercise in storytelling.

And there is nothing greater than storytelling, baby.

Now, I’ve already barked the film Prometheus here at the press. If you haven’t watched the trailer, watch it. And if you don’t love the Alien movies. Fix that. Fix that right now, that needs to change. Fantastic bits of Science Fiction, those.

For those of you who are up on their cinema however, I respectfully force you, to watch this.


Yeah!! Hubris! Love it, rock on Peter!




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