Machine Gunning Thoughts

15 04 2012

So sit down, buckle in, and make sure you’ve got your vest cinched nice and tight…

I have been storming the beaches lately. The penmonkey beaches.

As of late I’ve had my face buried in a thick, red, leather-bound notebook provided to me by the kindness of Hasbro’s hearts. The person, not the game. Which reminds me, I should introduce her next. Look at that I just talked out the next blog post. Hasbro! Board game turned person! Coming soon to a blog near you. Or not. How close is this chunk of the internet from here?

Does the internet have a correlating space do you suppose? I mean, is the space where I have my blog a layer of internet that hovers over this part of New York state? Someday can I plug myself into it and walk around the NY section of the internet? Thinking more about it I wouldn’t probably want to do that. People around here are crazy.

And speaking of crazy…

Did anyone see this story from USA Today?

I’m not sure what to say about this. This seems proof-positive that we truly are still subject to natural selection. Sure people will call statement nonsense what with the power of medicines and engineering removing predators, disease and other dangers from the world, but come on.

 I read this article and what I take away from it is that natural selection is getting smarter. Or its fed up. Hard to tell which but look, it’s improvising here. Somewhere out in the woods of the Appalachians amongst the moonshine stills and cannibal vacation homes, evolution is hanging out with survival and natural selection. They’re sitting around a cooler of genny light (they haven’t done a lot of work lately, its all they can afford) talking about the good old days and giggling about the wonders of social media.

Oh and hell, while we’re on the topic of crazy why not talk about this little gem?

Now the story broke a while ago I know. However, I mention it because we are getting closer to the deadline and I’ve read no new developments on it recently. $100 billion dollars. Crashed into the ocean. That much money and years of construction just to crash the bloody thing into the ocean in a few years? It’s like I’m taking crazy pills. Or I’m watching people take crazy pills. I don’t know.

How about ending on a positive eh?

This article is stuff I like to read about. This is stuff I like to write about.

So my dream of one day being able to see a T-rex in person can still come true!? Happy day!




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