Reviewing Blind Sight Part II

7 03 2012

I have to preface my brief thoughts on this book by saying the pair of them worked. They just worked. Not only that, but my reading experience while I made my way through the pages of this angle, was only bolstered by the knowledge I had gained from the first.I felt as though I was constantly saying ah-HA! And that was a lot of fun. Yet at the same time the author manages to make things feel new.

Aniela’s book was a much more magical beast. She had grown up knowing of the existence of powers on the island and that colored not only her interpretation of certain key events with Odette’s story line, but also the way she approached her relationship with Leocardo.


Conversely he doesn’t respond well to the ‘supernatural’ things going on around him. Upon first entering their apartment he launches into a scene reminiscent of Mel Gibson in conspiracy theory. I’m surprised his first move isn’t to sink half his money into pad locks for his tapioca pudding.Leocardo isn’t already established on the island. He’s the ‘just got finished talking to Mr. Roarke and Tattoo sort of guy.’ New arrival. And right from the get go, you can see that this fellow is a man of action. It’s reflected well in the overall pacing of the book which moves at a quicker rate then Aniela’s side.

Not a bad thing. After having met Leocardo in Aniela’s perspective, it fits. 100%. And the idea that I had of him, based on other characters interacting with him in the other book, was confirmed. He is painted rather exactly like I imagined.

This book is written in a way that is unique from its sibling novel. The writer most certainly has her own voice and uses it well to relay Leocardo’s side of things. The pacing is spot on and it just oozes tension.

Could you read one of these books and not the other and still be fulfilled? Yes. But why in the world would you? These novels are done in such a manner that they are far more than rehashing the same story from a different perspective. The characters are individual enough and bold enough to make you feel like you might just be reading two entirely different stories.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t pass this up.

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Learn more about Blind Sight: A blind girl drawing is abnormal even on the magical island of Edaion where leaves brush themselves into piles in the middle of the night. So when Odette Reyes, a girl blind from birth, begins to experience ominous side effects of the island’s “gift,” her brother Leocardo and best friend Aniela must figure out what the doctors cannot. As an immigrant, Leocardo is not biased by accepted rules of magic and determines that Odette’s drawings are premonitions. Aniela grew up with magic and knows premonitions are impossible. She determines Odette is a medium channeling voiceless spirits.

Who is right? Whose eyes will you read through?

Both books are “volume one” you can read one without the other and still get a complete story, but you won’t see how the characters interpret the same situation differently.

Buy the book! Both volumes are available as an e-book for Kindle (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.) and Nook (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.) Don’t have an e-reader, pick up a PDF on Smashwords (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.)

The paperback special edition will be available in the fall (northern hemisphere).

The authors:

Eliabeth wrote her first mini-series in second grade when the teacher told her she was not old enough to write a chapter book. Regrettably, for fear of turning into a starving artist, Eliabeth played it safe in college and is now a recent William Jewell graduate with a BA in International Business and Japanese. She now returns to what she truly loves, creating worlds for people to escape to and characters for them to fall in love with. Ermisenda began writing Harry Potter fan-fiction at the age of twelve and started developing her own writing at fourteen when she joined play sites and completed her first crime novel at fifteen. Although her favorite genres were crime and fantasy, she reads a bit of everything. Driven by the desire to evoke the kaleidoscope of emotions her favorite authors are able to, she kept writing. Growing up bilingual amongst her Spanish family in Australia, she found a love and deep appreciation for language and the power it wielded. She is now a Psychology major at the University of Newcastle. Together, they write as Ermilia.

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3 responses

21 03 2012

Sorry for the late response. It’s been busy! I just wanted to say openly on your blog, thanks for all your support. As a writer, it’s so rewarding to read about people’s positive experiences with your book. Take care, Kyllan. Maybe I’ll see you over at Picture it & write sometimes soon, eh? 😛

– Ermisenda

23 03 2012
Kyllan Brindle

It was a pleasure. Always happy to get a hold of something new to read. Will keep following the both of you.

13 06 2013
Blind Sight Release Tour | ermiliablog

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