Meet Ya-Mimbi

25 02 2012

Ya-Mimbi, from where the sand blows into the marshes.

Ya-Mimbi, from Candle Heart.

Son of a preacher.

Birthed of a demon.

Ya-Mimbi is the first of the court. He sits at the right hand of another capable mind, who is yet to be introduced. He is an imposing figure, massive and unsettling. His kind are cave dwellers and flesh eaters. (The warmer the better)

At the highest point in the place were we keep the sickest, he lurks. In a cave overlooking the dwellings of the terminal, he peers out over the broken and fading. He waits.

Around him are scattered the scrying tablets. Thick panes of glass upon which flashes the rhythm of life, the beating of hearts. With bated breath and a hungry maw he watches the beats as each one ticks away toward failure, toward oblivion.

Few venture into his domain, fearful of what sights or sounds or smells that might be witnessed there. The cave reeks of dead flesh and otherworldly aromas that hint at acts only another demon could even begin to fathom. Sometimes there are others but they do not scare as much as Ya-Mimbi. Of any of the others, only Ya-Mimbi is known to all.

Beside the tablets there are two great chests. The first is short and wide, black as the core of his heart. In it he keeps a list. On thin parchments, written in ink brewed of blood of urine, are the names of his potentials. Each sheet of ammonia soaked writing, possibly a meal.

And they are always fresh.

The second chest is tall and brown, built of the wood from the captain’s cabin of a sunken pirate ship. Inside the briny, barnacled, behemoth of a container is a collection of arcane devices. Each one is a pearly square with a half-dozen tentacles writhing from within the guts of the device. On the face of each is a reference. A sort of “Voodoo For Dummies”.

Every target gets one.

It watches your heart.

It tells him.

This one’s tasty.

This one not.

In the court we are allies. Though he serves a higher power. Another who shares in my ruling of pages. He is the hand servant. The muscled monstrosity behind the madness.  He is the court enforcer. Fire tamer. Devourer of hearts. 

The first of the court.




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