Best Soul Stealing I’ve Had In A While

24 02 2012

My sister is here.

Not literally, here, next to me. I couldn’t write if that were the case. It’s like my brain has a shy bladder. It can’t function when someone is looking. It’s a real thing. Trust me, I work in a hospital.

But she is in town. On any given day you would find her hexxing random traveling folk around the inns of the state of Missouri. But not this week. These week she’s hitting the villagers of New York.

Family visits aren’t typical for my sister. That’s not to say that she is against them, only that she is a bit more prohibitive in her ability to make them with any sort of frequency. The bulk of us reside in the hilly regions of the northeast while she decides to be the odd one out and head for the south. Makes sense I guess. Witches need to hovel up in more secluded places. It’s like an unofficial rule.

So what was it that we owed the rarity? We’re a close bunch of hooligans, my family. It was a visit for visits sake. We even did something incredibly stereotypically American! (And please understand the bulk of what I think is ‘American’ comes from 1990’s television and movies)

We had family photos taken! Yes indeed. By a real photographer and everything. She had white sheets on her walls, blacked out windows, cameras and those little umbrellas with light bulbs on the inside. It looked to me like a real professional set up. Or I suppose it could have been a ‘B’ movie set. Or a serial killer dungeon house.

She took our pictures though so I’m fairly certain it’s the first one.

We had massive photos with the whole family, bits with just the Vixen, myself and the kids, my sister and her husband and other such combinations. This was an enlightening experience. For one, I learned my family has a difficult time keeping it together. We aren’t the ‘print on first try’ sort.

In any given shot there was someone blinking, glaring at or poking someone else. The Vixen even hit me a couple of times. In large groups, Brindle’s have too much of a good time for some people I think. Luckily we had a patient photographer. And a young photo imp of an assistant who snapped photos like there was no tomorrow.

He might have been the serial killer. She lets him take all the pictures he wants for his ‘decapitation collage’ in exchange for not strangling her with an extension cord and eating the remains.

Things just got weird. I better take a moment.

::Sits down and whittles a spoon.::

Wooden utensils help me focus. Though, bacteria growth does make them inferior to metal ware.

SO. Photos. I was talking about photos.

The last time my family took a photo like that we were still in Japan. That’s prior to 1998, more than a decade ago. Needless to say, we haven’t partaken in that tradition in a long time. But the return to a classic family activity put a smile on not just my face but that crazy witch’s and our parents too.

The evening was topped of with a bit of Sukiyaki. It’s a fantastic family meal. I don’t think I’d choose anything over one of these. Simultaneously eating and cooking and drinking and talking. Nothing quite beats that, internet.

Not for this guy.

(Oh and the title? Cameras steal your soul dont’cha know?)




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