My Juice Is Uncontrollable!

22 02 2012

You’ll have to forgive me. I’m writing on my iPhone. The Vixen is running a quick errand so I thought I’d break out a ‘too big to be tweeted’ chunk of smithing while I wait for her to call for exfil.

Yeah, every errand is a special op around here.

I’ve been downloading a rather large amount of string music. And not string like guitar. I’m talking violins and cellos and what-have-you’s. I have become rather fond of writing with musical accompaniment.

I always heard it said that listening to this sort of thing makes you smarter. Honestly that’s not why I started. I started because I really enjoy it. Not because I was seeking a magical boost to my writing skill. Those don’t exist. You want to talk fantasy lets discuss writers block and the idea of the freaking ‘muse’ that’ll wave a wand over my brain and make me vomit Nebula worthy manuscripts. I think not.

I will however admit that the strings do, depending on the song, make me feel bad ass. It’s like I’m soaking up he energy of the piece. RAWR!

But really even if you’ve never listened to a violin, do yourself a favor. The Vitamin String Quartet does string arrangements of modern rock, metal, alternative, and some pop hits. Or, for those of you who may enjoy a bit more rhythm, check out The Black Violin. Hip hop on strings baby.

And what about the rest of you? What do you listen to when hard at work? Does it get your juices flowing?




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