Paying It Sideways. Or Was It Forward?

10 02 2012

The internet is a wonderful place. Someday I hope to own a nice split-level ranch somewhere along the shores of the great lake Ebay, nestled quietly amongst the shady tree limbs that are Google’s omniscient arms. But that will be a long time from now I’m sure.

My only hope that it is by free will and not at the oppressive hands of evil robot overlords on a quest for an eternal power source.

It keeps me awake at night.

For now however, I will continue to explore the furthest reaches of the web and humbly pass on the delicious, nectary bits that I find most sweet.

For starters why not poke your head around over at TerribleMinds? It’s lorded over by the ink-slinging, bourbon guzzling penmonkey, Chuck Wendig. He’s profane and critical. He shouts a lot and has no problem telling you exactly how he feels about writing as a profession and as an art form. It’s pants optional and loaded with down to earth advice for the penmokey in all of us. (And I dare you not to giggle.)

Plus he sells stuff. Good stuff. Seriously, I have all of his books and would recommend each and every single title.

Or perhaps you’d prefer someone a touch more low-key?

Keri Smith is an artist, blogger and great explorer of the world. And just like the mighty Wendig, I own all of Keri’s books too. They aren’t what you’d expect either. In fact I talked about one before over here. Several of them are full of directions. She requires you do things you might not normally dare do to a book and aims to get you out into the world looking at things a little differently too.

Or maybe you’re a tired writer yourself and are looking for a bit of a distraction? Hmmm? Why not visit the ladies over at Ermilia blog? They’re great for hunting down a new book to read with several honest reviews each month. But it doesn’t stop there. Aside from the random thoughts of both authors, they offer you a bit of a flash fiction challenge every week in their, “Picture it and write” posts.

And did I mention they have a couple of books coming out this year? It’s true. You want to know more? Then be sure to visit back to check out my reviews of each title, and those of other bloggers all throughout the month of March.

But maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe you don’t give a crap about writing. Maybe the last book you read was in high school just after you vowed that you would never again turn another page of anything other than a cookbook or television instruction manual, EVER AGAIN!

In that case you might be kind of crazy. I suggest you check out the witch’s hut over at stuffalsothings. She cooks. She rants. She talks about the oddity that is her day-to-day life. My one stop on the net for all my ‘dog yoga’ information and the occasional delicious new recipe. It’s on the other side of lake Ebay dead in the heart of the Yahoo Woods. It’s the place with the white pickett fence around the graveyard out back and the talking skull knockers on the door. (Beware: the skulls are kind of sassy.)

If you reach the yeti cave you’ve gone too far.

So go forth dear readers! Expand thy horizons and return slightly better or slightly crazier then when you left. Either is fine, I’ll still love you just the same.




2 responses

14 02 2012

So’s the witch! Sassy, I mean! 😉

18 02 2012
Kyllan Brindle

I figured he must get the snark from somewhere.

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