Help Me Improve My Optics!

28 01 2012

Every time I log on I check the stats on the blog. See how things are going and all that. I almost lost  some of my coffee after seeing that someone arrived to the site via the search term “Cooking with spam”.

Made me giggle.


I’m tossing an idea around. And noooo, it doesn’t involve chain saws this time. And really that last incident? Not that big a deal. He got worker’s comp.

So, like I was saying.

 I have an idea and it involves a camera. (wink) I’m not quite ready to divulge the specifics as there are a couple of things that need to be hammered out. When I put the project up I want it to have some polish.

Therefore, I turn to you folks, the mighty browsers of the internet, the readers of the web, the captains of those ships who sail fearlessly through the computational clouds for input.

I actually don’t own a camera. Never shopped for one. Never really felt the need to before now. Up to this point I was content shooting video using my trusty iPhone. This project however demands higher quality, battery life and array of options. I’d like to get a video camera that could shoot in low light/total darkness if possible.

Since I’ve never been in the video-optics market I need input from you all. Seriously, drop into the comments and give me some direction. Have a favorite brand that I should consider? Specific model? Help me out people.

The results of said project, by the way, will be posted on the blog in a seven part series. That’s right. Videos to accompany the text. 

So go forth. Comment.






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