Twenty And Twelve

7 01 2012

There is an unquestionable drive to find meaning in our species. Humanity doesn’t like to be in the dark, figuratively or literally. In the absence of light our instincts kick in. The ancient man is resurrected, if only for a moment. That deeply repressed part of the mind that acknowledges me must do what we must to obtain our ultimate goal. The only goal. To survive.

So we don’t like the dark. Because there are things in the dark. They used to eat us.

It’s the same with the dark, cloudy bits of the brain too. We are analytical beings if nothing else. Our minds are wired to problem solve, invent, create. We strive for innovation, to improve our lot. That basic man, he who found the most important of all inventions;  the simple ignition of materials exposed to sufficient friction, he is where it began. Fire, be it from gods or men, left a lasting legacy of development which would translate into our ascension of nature. We’ve won the battle of the naturally selected.

That is not to say it no longer exists, but we are quite clearly its master.

This drive to advance, to overcome, has led us to an omnipresent desire to explain our world. Atoms, gravity, seasons, tides, stars, weather. Nothing can escape our stone faced gaze of inquiry. Even the notion of the divine is not exempt from the probing of modern man. Is there a possibility? Do gods exist, and we simply cannot bring ourselves to acknowledge that which cannot be explained? Something that would remain forever shrouded in that dark place? The place in which the monsters dwell? Or is it simply that we must redefine ‘gods’ with our modern lens, the magic of ancient time having become the fact of our today?

Therefore this is my manifesto of the New Year. The Creed by which I will focus my efforts.

• To explore the depths of man’s inner turmoil.

• To ask ‘what if’ to time-tested truths

• To imagine the unthinkable

• To speak the truth (as it exists in possibility)

• To accept humanity as greater than he may truly be

• To acknowledge the monsters in the brooding dark

• To write. Unceasing. Clearly. With point and purpose.

This will be the year of exploration. This will be the year of discovery. Let no outlandish or untested notion of ability or truth escape the delving tendrils of the pen.




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