Poltergeists! Abductions! Gnarly Trees!

5 01 2012

There is a tree by my bed. It creeps me out.

So what isn’t true about this tree? Well, when I say that there is indeed a tree there, that is true. And when I tell you that it creeps me out, this also is true. And I don’t mean creepy in the poltergeist-pull-you-out-of-bed-and-eat-you kind of creepy. I mean it in a much more Milla Jovovich, holy hell it’s an alien coming to get me! sort of way. It’s a much more sophisticated brand of fear.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up and it’s the first thing I focus on if I’m laying facing that side of the room. It makes me jump every time.

The thing about this tree that isn’t true, is that it is fake. It is not alive. I’m thinking it’s constructed predominantly of wire and a machet. Beads hang from the branches like bodies from a noose. There’s even a little birdy nested in the center waiting to peck out the eyes and other soft fleshy parts.

That’s probably wrong actually. It came from the wedding reception of one of the Vixen’s cousins so I’m guessing that it probably has nothing to do with hanging and corpses and what not. Probably.

It’s an important fixture in our bedroom however. It adds color. It adds a bit of personality.(Not everyone has a fake tree in their bedroom you know.) And perhaps most importantly, it’s a little reminder that, at least where we are concerned, family helps family. The pieces were made by an aunt of the Vixen’s for the wedding reception. A bit of personalized touch to the whole affair.

I’m a sucker for this stuff.

One of the greatest constants in my life is family. Family is a comfort. Family is a resource. It’s protection. Your family is like your own personal gang. Siblings watch each others backs, parents support the children in their establishment in society. In turn kids support the parents in advanced age.  At least, that’s how it works in my gang.

And by that I totally mean family. We’re legal.

HA! Bet you didn’t see that coming. We just went from hanging abduction trees to the importance of family. Wow!

And now that I’m thinking more about it… A hanging tree could work at a reception. My sister’s featured fake insects and rodents. (Day of the Dead theme) Oh, and their cake was cut with a butcher’s knife. I’m thinking hang some chocolate skeletons or gingerdead men from those beads. Big hit. I can’t believe I’m not a wedding planner.




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