Excuse Me Waiter? My Brain Is Leaking.

2 01 2012

My thoughts have yet to come together on the new year so I’m just going to pepper you with many. Bear with me.




I’ve been thinking lately about the amount of effort that people put into planning new habits for themselves around the start of the new year. Not a lot. It’s true. People get big ideas and claim they’ll stick with plans that are far too grand for them to pull off in the time that they give themselves. And so like a zeppelin of yesteryear, they go down in a flaming ball of misery and woe. And fire. Mostly fire.

I haven’t developed any of these for I fear a steampunky end of my own should I attempt it. It’s not that I don’t believe I could accomplish great changes. It’s that I know for a fact that I couldn’t. I’m being a realist. And speaking of which…



I do have an emergency preparedness bag. Hell, I’ll say it. It’s a survival bag. One in my home, one in my car. (Car bag pending.) Some people look at you and say that’s kind of crazy. Take the Vixen for instance. When I first told her about it she said I was being “Kind of crazy”. But the idea has grown on her. Or maybe I’ve grown on her and she’s accepting my ideas. Either way, I feel like I’m winning.

And it’s not like my mental faculties have degraded to the point where I’m going to take my family and strike off into the woods to ‘survive’ amongst some imaginary threat. I’ll only do that with the real threats. Geez. It’s not that I’m paranoid but I’ve played enough video games to realize that there’s never enough ammo, mall food has powerful healing properties and your only real friends are cubes made of metal.

Trust me, I went to college.

And another thing, what is the overall state of the University system in America? Does it stand to reason that we might see fewer people going to these things? At what point does a society exhaust its supply of dedicated manual labor? What happens to it at that point?



Why does my keyboard have not one but two ‘Caps Lock’ keys? I’m never going to use those. I once wrote an essay on the money Dell would save if they removed that bit of square irritation from their keyboards. The numbers were staggering and I’m fairly certain it was because of the actual amount of money they would save on a key with next to no time clicked. Or because I was doing the math. That may have had something to do with. We’ll never know.

When did I decide that wheat flour was an excellent alternative to regular white? Sure its healthy but come on. Cook with it sometime, I dare you.

Dare: From first and third person singular of O.E. durran “to brave danger, dare; venture, presume,” from P.Gmc. *ders- (cf. O.N. dearr, O.H.G. giturran, Goth. gadaursan)


Woah. I just channeled an etymologist. Or I was momentarily possessed by a word-loving-encyclopedia-demon. Be gone foul beast!


“The power of Christ compels you, the power of Christ compels y–!”


Whew. I’m done quoting movies. I don’t think any of the greek or latin bits were in the exorcist but I’m not so sure about the sequels. I didn’t bother with the sequels. I considered at one point, briefly, that perhaps theater arts and film making might be something I was interested in pursuing. But then I look at my impersonation of classic horror films and suddenly I remember why I didn’t go that route.

Wordsmithing is so much more rewarding.




7 responses

3 01 2012

I don’t know about that. I set realistic goals for myself and then I set deadlines and make plans to help me accomplish them. One of my New Years goals is to do yoga every day. I know enough that even if I don’t have my mat or DVDs, I can at least run through sun salutations or breathing exercises before bed. It’s not as effective as a whole routine, but it’s calming and helps me sleep better.


3 01 2012
Kyllan Brindle

Ah yes, realism. That’s something that more people could benefit from. My view on resolutions stems from those that come from the people I’ve known. I am generalizing of course in my post. I certainly do acknowledge that some people do make resolutions that stick. And I applaud you in your success thus far. I am considering (having decided shortly after I wrote the post) coming up with some sort of resolution of my own. Still on the fence at this point though.

4 01 2012

Oh, what are you considering? Keeping it realistic definitely makes a difference.

5 01 2012
Kyllan Brindle

Greater effort toward publishing work. Not neccesarily to achieve publication for it may not be possible. One never knows. More specifically, overcome the personal blocks to actually getting work submitted. I am my own worse enemy as it were. And the sun. Curse you sun…

5 01 2012

Well I’m looking forward to reading your fantasy novel if you’re still interested in letting Ermilia take a look at it. 🙂 Did you get a hold of Karin? She’ll help you get your MS closer to publication.

8 01 2012
Kyllan Brindle

Oh, I am of course still interested. The idea is for all sorts of people to read it after all! I shot Karin an email, waiting to hear back. I would have responded sooner but it seems wordpress has stopped telling me when I have new comments!

8 01 2012

I go to the dashboard and use the “comments I’ve made” area. It’s only a problem if something is bumped past the bottom of the page. Then I’ll never know someone replied unless that post gets a comment again.

Karin is wonderful. If you don’t hear from her, shoot me and e-mail and Ermisenda will give you a list of editors we liked but didn’t use. You might find you like one of them. 😀

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