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28 12 2011

Yule came late this year. Not terribly late but late nonetheless.

I had to work on Christmas eve and Christmas day itself. Yes, while most people were opening gifts from loved ones, eating mammoth proportioned meals with the family, or decorating the Christmas Turtle, I was worrying about not catching diseases. I can’t say as it was my ideal Christmas activity. Honestly I can’t say that’s my ideal any-day-of-the-week activity but that’s just because I don’t like being sick. Like there’s anyone who really does.

Thus we announced that Christmas would be celebrated on the 26th. And so it was. And it was good. Oh and guess what? It was still just as fun. The rest of the family resolved to hold out one more day and celebrate it with us. Those suckers. I even received a phone call from that crazy witch over at stuffalsothings. It was alright. Her gift this year was a hex-free holiday. Which I do appreciate. syphilis can be such a cheer killer.

So thankfully this year, even though I was sad to see yet another year with lights that no longer fit all the Star Trek ornaments, I was free of infectious diseases. That alone was enough to make it a very merry Yule. And there was much accomplished this year. I had a bit of inspiration for a new writing project that I’ll probably start working on closer to the completion of my newest novel’s second draft. I’ll spit details out on that sometime.

Oh and I made a rather delightful discovery the other day while perusing Twitter. A friend of mine, a good friend I should say, has a blog hosted by WordPress and he is busily uploading content. The name: Brian “The Naked Gun” Felts. His purpose: crowbar some knowledge up into that brain of yours, dear reader. He’s a movie guy and he’s no amateur. He’s got wit like a Frenchman and a TITANIUM HAMMER OF TRIVIA that he doesn’t mind introducing you to.

In the face.

Plus the ever suave Mr. Felts is co-host of an internet radio show, more information up on his blog. I encourage you to go and check it out. Actually I insist. And yes I am cleaning my brass knuckles right now. Go.

I feel better. Good deed done.

If good deeds are done using duress are they still good deeds? I’m going to lose sleep over that one, I can tell.




2 responses

31 12 2011

Thank you for the props my good man. I appreciate the love I get. I would like to say I love reading the info bombs you drop in your blog and find them quite enjoyable and informative. Keep writing and I shall keep reading.

31 12 2011
Kyllan Brindle

Props given where deserved my friend. Glad to hear you enjoy the posts. Rest assured I will continue the scribblings. Oh and seriously, do Beetlejuice.

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