Hasbro Rides Again

12 09 2011

So there I was walking my son home from school. The sky was clear, the day was sunny. There was a certain something in the air, an overwhelming calm that permeated the very atoms of the sidewalk upon which we treaded.

But that was soon to change.

Without warning we heard it, the throaty, powerful roar from down the road near the intersection we were headed toward. It broke the silence in a cacophonous explosion of fire and hot oil. She had emerged from some unknown depth, perched from back of her black steed, her husband, the one the dead men speak to, beside her.

Their horse, which according to the description a sentence ago apparently includes a side car, raced through the street and up the hill toward where the outsiders, the ones they call ‘tourist’ travel on their way to do ‘touristy’ things. There was no time to act, and we were spotted.

It seemed a lot less threatening then.

You see, as they came a bit closer we recognized it was Hasbro. The steed became a bit less scary and the both of them, a bit more friendly. The one who dead men speak to is actually rather nice. I catch him frequenting the coffee shop in dead. He usually sits alone at least for a little while before he is joined or otherwise engaged by an acquaintance or some closer friend.

I suspect the beginning of the visit that the seat opposite is reserved for which ever ghost decided he would be a suitable partner for coffee. I suspect, or at the very least hope, that there is some sort of caffeinated drink the after life or post life-life. (if there is no after life) Though I suspect you probably won’t need it. But it’s good to have routines I hear and being dead is no excuse to get lazy.

But here is the really interesting thing about Hasbro and her steed. I didn’t suspect it and I never would have imagined she would be the sort. I’m talking about expectations. And Ford Mustangs if that wasn’t obvious already. She was riding about in a Ford Mustang.

Now was there any reason to think that such a thing was impossible? Was there anything to suggest that she and her husband aren’t the sorts to own such a car. And is there a SORT of person who is supposed to. Someone you look at and say, “Yup, totally owns a mustang.”

The short answer is, ‘no’.

The long answer is, ‘of course not.”

Expectations are a funny thing. Our mind’s categorize and file things away into a system based on our world view, the way we assume things should be. SO there we go making asses of ourselves from time to time. 

The Vixen for instance assumes my height leads to oxygen deprivation which, in turn, causes me to experience great bouts of stupidity as my brain struggles to work on a lower than required level of O2.

Wait. That may be a bad example. I think she might be making fun of me.

What’s that? Am I trying to make a point? Well, yeah. Discard your preconceived ideas and open yourself to new ones. Make your imagination a bigger part of your daily life and allow yourself the opportunity to be surprised.

What sort of assumptions have you made that have been completely incorrect? What surprised you most about them? How well do you accept challenges to your own world view?




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13 09 2011

Alas, poor Hasbro. The black steed is not her own. It’s acquisition was an idea conceived & a goal accomplished by her knight in shining armor who justified its existence in their lives by claiming he was having an “end-of-life crisis.” The black steed purposefully resembles the beauties that roamed our quaint streets back in the days when Boomers believed the steed you traveled upon spoke volumes regarding your (supposed) virility and power.

Hasbro supposes that mothers concerned about their daughters’ maintaining their maidenly virtues had to breathe a sigh of relief when they saw how little room was actually available upon that fine steed. Possibly their only concern would be the speeds obtained when free rein was given to the mighty beast and its full power unleashed.

Returning to the present day, one must admit that the fine black steed looks awesome in the stable all clean & shiny — ready to charge the streets. Hasbro’s knight, eager to maintain its integrity & honor, enforces strict rules. No rainy day rides, no being tied up under a drippy tree, & no venturing out of the stable from the first snowfall to the last snowfall. Unless, of course, spring fever coincides with a truly spectacular day replete with completely dry roads, blue sky, sunshine, & clear reception of an oldies station. The knight also does not allow Hasbro to take the reins of the black steed. Much too powerful of a beast for such a delicate (feeble?) sort as she to handle.

Hasbro thinks her knight should find a younger, fairer maiden to ride around on the beast with him. Mounting & dismounting are a challenge. Pillows & cushions are required to obtain the proper height & posture in the saddle. She finds it difficult to peer out at the passing vistas. Three times they passed Father & Son before she could manage to free an arm and attempt a faint wave.

The one to whom dead people speak truly prefers conversations with the living. There is one coffee shop attendee who occasionally assumes the empty chair at his table that brings with him shock & awe as he spews forth the most embarassing comments. The one to whom dead people speak games & loves to extol the virtues of the various realms he inhabits when planted in front of a monitor. Sadly, no other coffee drinkers understand other-world visitations or inhabitation. Youth might not realize yet that Geezers tend to make better talkers than listeners. This vital fact should be kept in mind should one ever be invited to join a geezer at a very small table in a crowded coffee shop. Actually, Geezers rarely remember to extend invitations. I suspect they assume you know your presence in their personal space is welcome.

Hope I have addressed preconceptions & assumptions here…

13 09 2011
Kyllan Brindle

An appreciated response straight from the horses mouth, as it were. I have considered sitting and interrogating the man about his games. I think it rather interesting. And now I know for certain that it will never be a problem to do so. Thanks for commenting.

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