Dead Guys and Spring Cleaning

19 08 2011

“Everything flows, nothings stands still.”   – Heraclitus of Ephesus

First off show of hands, who actually knows who this guy is? I’m just curious. I know him from college. We didn’t attend together or hang out at any of the same social events, we didn’t meet in chess club. Not that I was ever in chess club. Even though that would have been possibly one of the coolest things ever.


Heraclitus was one of many philosophers living in ancient Greece at a point in time when being a thinker was rather fashionable. (Is it just me or is anything older than a month ancient anymore?) His writing was primarily focused on change, that the universe was doing it all time. Oh and also that the basic element comprising everything was fire which, explains my chronic heartburn.

So why is it, you may be asking yourself, am I talking about dead Greeks today? Well, it’s the bit about change. It makes us smile. It makes us cry. And sometimes it weighs our pants pocket down. You probably noticed right away that things are looking a little different around here. The blog has had a touch of a face lift. The title was changed and the widgets were adjusted. It was a bit of a midsummer night cleaning. (Shakespeare eat your heart out.)

I’ve been reading a great deal of Kristen Lamb’s work lately. You can check her blog out here and find books she has published over here. DO it. Click the links, you know you want to. She has been doing strange and exciting things to my writing habits lately. If there is a writer in you of any sort I strongly suggest you check her out and if not, read it anyways, she is a hoot.

So about this change. It’s big, its new, its scary!

“I’m afraid.” you may shout.

“I don’t handle change well.” you might find yourself whispering to yourself. But its okay. I’m here, and I know we can get through this together. This change, it’s for the better. You can trust me. It simply means we are going to be a little more prolific.

For instance…

First thing when I arrived at work today, my supervisor handed me an infectious disease mask and said “Here. You’ll need this.” With moderate concern and the lift of an eyebrow I asked why. Turns out there was in fact something sharable coming to my place of business as is to be expected. It raised the question however, how often does it happen without me knowing?

It was a quick in and out thing though, nothing overwhelmingly serious. I’m told that happens in healthcare. Apparently I may come in to contact with sick people. Who knew?

I’m saying its worth it nonetheless. The sheer number of fun and crazy things you see waltz, crawl, bleed and be carried into a hospital is astounding. One day I will look back and miss stories that start with “So my buddy and I were chopping firewood…” or, “It was missing some bolts but it seemed sturdy while we were climbing up it…” And perhaps it will be these fond memories that spark a best seller. You can’t predict these sorts of things. They are far too wild to calculate.

And it is these very occurences that stimulate that thing rattling around inside my skull. (Rest assured I’ll have that checked out as your thinker-box isn’t supposed to rattle) It is the strange and random that I see and hear during my day that pushes me to sit the butt in the chair and put the fingers on the computer screen. And then the keyboard. When I remember it’s not a touchscreen.




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