Stream of Introduction

17 08 2011

So there’s been a founding, an ending and a rocky in between.

A construction, deconstruction and reconstruction.

A defining moment, an afternoon of epiphany and a week of redefining.

There’s been good times, better times and even better times than that.

Formation, deformation, conservation and criticism.

There have been guest appearances by chunks of books, hints by bits of story synopsis and elaborations by some crazy guy with a keyboard.

Books were read, demons were fought and gods were made. Armies were conquered castles were built and cities were razed. I made friends with a dragon and moved in next door to a family of zombies. (They grow turnips by the way.) I borrowed money from a troll down the street and started a business with a dog I found in my yard. We struck it rich, hit it big and became millionaires. We spent some, made some and lost the rest. I bought a car, a cat and a cucumber. (not specifically in that order.)

It was a busy week.

You’ll see its a bit different around here, the Press was transformed, it felt its best face should go forth. So here I am. Like the caption says, just as foxy but not as green.

My name is Kyllan Brindle and I am a writer.

 Welcome to my site.




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