Moving On Up In A Sideways Fashion

13 08 2011

I did, I really did.

It’s official ladies and gentlemen, I am now slightly more professional than before. Just a tad more accomplished. You will notice that my web address is a tad shorter. Go ahead, check. I’ll wait.

Did you look?

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have noticed either.

Anyways, I went ahead and lost the .wordpress portion of my web address. I did, I splurged – it set me back seventeen dollars. (See how I typed out the letters in seventeen? Professional, I know) Which means that as long as I make at least seventeen dollars back with my writing I will count myself accomplished. Well, to be fair that’s not entirely accurate. I count myself accomplished already with nothing published and a balance of $0 made from my work. I do believe I have addressed this already in an earlier post HERE. I because I just absolutely know you’ll want to hit that link and read it for yourselves, I will spare you an elaboration. (Insert glare)

I remember talking to the fungus one day. He asked me about costs. Costs for publishing, promotion and the like. He wanted to know if there was a point where the work one puts in outweighs the gains so much that it makes it no longer worth doing. Thats an easy one, there isn’t one, no point, nothing saying that what you write is no longer worth doing. Its art and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. “Art” in its traditional form is the creation of something visually pleasing that can be interpreted in a million different ways depending on the viewer. Writing is the same thing, it’s just art in a different medium in which the visually pleasing aspect is produced by you, the reader – your imagination is the engine, the author is simply pushing you toward general images for you to detail creating a unique experience from viewer to viewer. Now pardon me while I get off the soapbox.

That stuff gets me going.

Getting back on track here… I’m carving a place for myself on the internet. I have my own little slice of the web which, like a home in the real world, I pay taxes of sorts in yearly fees to maintain ownership of my domain. And it’s a good feeling, knowing that I am making some sort of forward movement, even if it isn’t so monumental as hitting that first and subsequent publications – baby steps and all that. But right now, I’m working on creating that author platform I’ve been reading about lately from an incredibly knowledgable woman, Kristen Lamb. I encourage you to follow the link back to her blog. She has some fantastic ideas on helping the up-and-comer start carving a name for themselves. Like me. That’s what I’m doing. Carving. Carve,carve,carve.

So remember, in the future, when you are browsing the shelves of your favorite brick and mortar bookstore or the digital ones of amazon and the like for my newest release, remember this moment. Remember…




2 responses

13 08 2011
Author Kristen Lamb

Thanks for the shout out, and I am thrilled you like the blogs.

14 08 2011

Honestly, it’s hard not to like something so good. Just bought your book Are You There Blog? Its Me, Writer. I’ve plowed through the first couple of sections already and It is not only engaging but very concise, just what I needed. Definitely something that will stay on the front page of my Kindle. Well worth the money!

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