Meet My Giant Hammer

27 07 2011

Writer’s Block, a miserable thing. I challenge you to find one person who says otherwise. You won’t be able to, nope – no way. Not POSSIBLE!

Even so, it may be a pain but it happens, it happens to everyone at some point or another. In fact I don’t think there has yet to be a writing project in which I don’t meet a large stumbling block at some point in my progress. It is inevitably conquered however, and I’m going to tell you why.

Keri Smith. Lately anyways. Here’s a link to her place, browse, read – ABSORB. I stumbled upon her work one day while visiting an artist friend of mine. Want to know more about his stuff? Yeah I thought you might, and if you don’t too bad because here it is anyways. And here and here and also, here. So there. Hrm.

Right, so now that I’ve gotten my thoughts back in order, coagulated my guano so to speak, I was writing about something.

Keri Smith! She has a book, several actually. That picture up there, that’s one of them. It is NOT a typical book however, not by a long shot. And it’s what I’m currently using in response to the Block Affliction, as I like to call it. Makes it sound a little more snazzy, maybe not so intimidating but, rather something to enjoy conquering.

Right from the first page you will encounter directions. Upon every page thereafter, more directions. Even the back cover has directions!

Yes, tape it shut and mail it to yourself. I’ve yet to do that one, obviously – the photo above is of my own copy. And that’s not all. There are all sorts of strange, non typical things in there, non typical as in you wouldn’t dare do them to a book but that’s part of the fun. A few of my favorites including taking it into the shower with you and dropping it from somewhere very high. Oh and also…

I saw a helmet. Or a butterfly. Whatever. It’s up for interpretation of course being an ink blot. If you can’t see the text down there its telling you to drip something on the page and close it, see what you end up with. The ink I used found its way to other pages which added just that much more character to the rest of what I’ve done in the book. It is a simple way in which to create that anyone can do. To further illustrate the point, I had to buy it from the children’s section of my local borders.(which is closing now, sad face) But that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by just about anyone and I encourage you to check out her other books since they are all just as wonderful.

Oh right, I was shamelessly plugging these for a reason! It’s about my writers block, er I mean, my Block Affliction. Who knows why it happens, but every now and then you hit a wall that stumps your progress. It can come at any time, even mid sentence and though there are exercises that you can find online to help overcome them I find that my block will keep me from sometimes completing even those. I was ecstatic the day I found this. For me, finding another creative outlet that does not require me to write is the very thing I need to get the novelist juices flowing again. These books get me back on track again like nothing has yet. SO I encourage you to check these out. If you missed the link earlier or for some reason your mouse wheel stopped working and you have no other means to go back HERE it is again.

And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Keri Smith!




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