Welcome Recovery

5 07 2011

I am an aspiring writer. Which, of course, means I have a day job. The majority of writers at one point did have other occupations before novelist. Terry Pratchett was a journalist which lends itself well to book writing. Stephen King on the other hand worked in a laundromat. A LAUNDROMAT. One of my favorite bits of his life that he talks about in On Writing is when he talks about that job. Particularly the quality of sheets and other linens coming from hospitals. Getting back to my original thought… I was sent home on Friday evening for getting terribly sick in my office. Not a great place to be sick, a hospital – they frown on having you hang around if there is a chance that you might be “sharing” with any of their patients. So I went home and proceeded to accomplish NOTHING. It was one of those knock you down and beat you with a stick sort of illnesses. So I had a sort of forced break from my writing and blogging. But I feel great now and its back to business.

I had a steady pace going before the weekend of the Plague and fortunately it seems that I was able to fall right back into it. This is good news for me. I had worried that it may be one of those things that forces too large a wedge into a project causing aggravating delays too large to come back from. The only thing I have to do at this point is keep on it and hope that it isn’t getting too wordy. I have gotten a bit of feed back so far and its positive but I remain concerned that unnecessary description or other information has snaked its way into my work as it sometimes does.

How much of that sort of thing really matters?

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote books that were RICH in detail. One of his books, The Silmarillion, reads almost exactly as a King James Bible. Not in content of course but very similar in linguistic style. Well, the content is similar too, it’s a creation story just not Christian-y. In the most well-known of his books, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, there is an incredible amount of details that couldn’t even be squeezed into over 24 hours of film.  And the film versions were very good representations of the content of those novels. I’m not claiming to be writing anything of that caliber mind you but the amount of detail in content, the volume is what is similar.

On the bright side, maybe one day I will get a mini-series or movie trilogy of my own.




2 responses

5 07 2011
Morgaine Brindle

It MUST be the caliber to have Helena Bonham Carter show up in. I think she would be quite good in your universe…

5 07 2011
Morgaine Brindle

Also, Squee for being better! The Yokai at Tanuki-Towers told me you were under the weather, but I was busy doctor googling myself into a heart attack, and I neglected to call.

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