The Clarion and the Drive To Be

22 06 2011

I am now officially more charitable than I was last week.

The webmaster for the Clarion Foundation’s site has managed, through archaic techno-rituals and I’m certain great effort, to get my entry into the Clarion Write-A-Thon up on their site. So it is official, I’m signed up for a charity event here. The next obstacle? Sponsors. Someone needs to sponsor the Fox. And so I find myself grilling friends, family and coworkers for the opportunity to make this little endeavour worthwhile.

But why do it in the first place? Why go to the trouble?

People write for a lot of different reasons. Some people do it because they have something to say be it political, spiritual or some third category. Some write to share something they love, a hobby or general interest. Some people do it simply to fulfill a great burning desire, they write because they want to write. It might not matter what is, short stories, novels, blogs – anything to quell the thirst. All of these things are acceptable. No one is going to look at you crooked or perhaps even slanted, if you fit into any of these categories. There is one drive however, that I don’t truly accept, to make money. It’s true in writing as I’m sure it is in just about everything else, those who do something for money’s sake is bordering somewhere between tragic and detestable. On top of the negative connotations it will probably end up lacking in quality in the sense that the only works you can expect to see produced are “trendy”.

I’m not sure where I fit to be honest, somewhere in between the first and the third. If I were in it to make money I would imagine I’d have an easier time making submissions. Clearly I lack what it takes to be “trendy”. Though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people look at me crooked anyways. But, back to the good…

The most honest writing I’ve seen comes from those who want to say something – the truly successful. Robert Heinlein’s philosophies and world views are clearly reflected in his writings. His novels explore Heinlein’s own views on religion, sex, gender roles and politics. In Heinlein’s Expanded Universe, he discusses one of my favorite novels – Starship Troopers, as being written in response to nuclear testing in the 1950’s. All of Heinlein’s works reflected something he felt passionately about and now he is considered one of the “Big Three” amongst writers in the genre. A second of those three, Arthur C. Clarke, wrote a great deal that focused on an interest in religion and spirtuality. Does that neccesarily mean he was a “religious man” no, queit the opposite actually – viewing religion as more of a damaging construction than anything else. But he wrote using what he was passionate about as an engine of creation. The rest fell into place and a higher quality of work was produced then may have been otherwise. Is this always the case? It would be unfair to say no, but there is no denying that it helps.

So what do I write about? What do I use to fuel my works? What is it that I’m trying to tell people? I’m not really sure I should say. Isn’t that part of the joy of reading? To read into? To search between the lines and find, with great satisfaction – that you have learned something about a writer that he or she may never have said outright. It is the joy of discovery, the desire to learn, to find out what drives a person to put pen to paper. There is a great argument for reading in there I think. Thus, I do believe that I will fill bookshelves and cyber space with my words and let the readers filter out what they think is the meaning behind it all. I believe in the challenge. And what more fun for me than to be, in turn, enlightened by some of you all? Perhaps I will learn something about myself that even I didn’t know!




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26 06 2011

So are you going to put a link up for your sponsor page or what? 😉

26 06 2011

Of course! Look at me not putting it up there in the first place. Oi.

I’ll put the link up in the next post as well, just in case.

9 07 2011

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13 08 2011
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