Trouble at the Clarion

17 06 2011

Well it seems I’m mucking up the registration over at the Clarion Foundation’s website. For the second year running they are putting on a write-a-thon to help raise money for their programs. To give you the quick and dirty of it, its one of the oldest writing workshops in the country. They’ve been providing young writers with the opportunity to hone their craft since 1968. What’s not to like there?

Nothing of course!

At any rate, the write-a-thon is sort of like  a relay for life which I’m fairly certain is not unique to New York. Writers sign up to participate in the fundraising and harass friends and loved ones into giving them X amount of money for X amount of work. I, not being one to miss out on the opportunity to harass anyone, will be signing up as soon as the site will allow. Currently it is giving me errors on the registration form but I shall persevere, eventually adding the link to the profile page on there to the Press here. I’m aiming to use the June 26 to August 6 deadline to produce something entirely new. I do already have a few things on the backburners and one or two items I’d consider active projects but I really think this is a great opportunity to get something lengthy down. For whatever reason I can produce great volume under a time constraint.

Ill illuminate those projects by the way, I’ll just have to start putting posts together to lay some foundation for them. WIP! It’s coming!





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