Hello world!

17 06 2011

Admittedly, I considered changing the title of the post as it was the default for new blogs but hey, the more I thought about it the more appropriate it seemed to me. So I started this blog for a lot of reasons. First off I thought I would find a way to start getting some work out there and this seemed a good first step. Showing off excerpts in the blogosphere struck me as a decent way to net some feedback. I’ve found over time that some of the best sources of criticism can be from those you are yet unacquainted with, people removed from the production of the work.

Second, I was told it would be an excellent motivator. Already I feel it working. Now that I have put the effort into getting the silly thing up here it would be a shame to simply let it go by the way side. Plus its a different sort of writing. Need a break from writing that novel? Blog about it – illuminate the frustrations to others. Brilliant!

And finally… its just one more thing I can write! The blog is like a project that never ends!





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